yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 
  YOGA + BEER. Mikki Trowbridge Yoga.  yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Mikki Trowbridge, E-RYT, MBA

Founder & Senior Teacher

Mikki enjoys making hard things easy. Her classes are anatomically informed and soulfully inspired and promise to be fun, flowing and leave you feelin’ good. She aspires to infuse her passion for the practice, her love of music and genuine, life-inspired musings into each class. Her style creates a space for yogis to be challenged and to grow their practice, but also to find ease, confidence, laughter, yogi friends and bliss. And this style naturally led to her creation of Yoga + Beer events across Oregon in 2013. 

Mikki obtained her 200 hour certification from YogaWorks, her 500 hour certification from YoYoYogi and also has completed a teaching intensive with Strala Yoga. She is currently working towards additional 500 hour certifications with Yoga Medicine and Annie Carpenter's Smart Flow. Her home base is Salem, Oregon, where she teaches weekly Yoga + Beer events and studio classes.

Mikki is an equal opportunity beer lover - but has a soft spot for porters and fresh hop season in Oregon.  In addition to her love of yoga and beer, she enjoys hiking, coffee, stand up paddle boarding, reading, exploring the beauty of Oregon, traveling, and spending time with her family, friends and Shiba Inu pup. 

  Chantal Barton Yoga.  yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Chantal Barton, RYT

Salem, Silverton, and Portland Teacher

Chantal loves to make the practice of yoga lighthearted yet focused. Inspired by the anatomy of movement, her classes contain creative flows guided with precise cues that teach students how to engage the entire body throughout every transition. She strives to loosen up the pressure by creating a space that is open to laughter and creativity, enabling each yogi to find their own groove with their own unique body.

Chantal earned her extensive 200 hour certification from Yoga Bhoga in Portland. She returns in the fall to continue education under the guidance of her teacher, Meghan Maris. Chantal currently teaches all over the Mid-Valley but spends the majority of her time at Body Theory in Silverton, Oregon, a yoga studio that she opened in May 2016. Along with her studio efforts she is always striving to build community in small towns which led her to the Yoga + Beer events that she is excited to be a part of.

Chantal didn’t start out as a connoisseur of beer but her taste buds have evolved with her ever-growing enjoyment of summer ales and winter stouts. She loves to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors doing things like rock climbing, backpacking, rafting, camping and preserving each memory with silly doodles. Always ending the adventure days with a cool drink and friends around the campfire.

 Seville Strickler Yoga. yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Seville Strickler, RYT

Newport, Albany, Tualatin and Portland Teacher

Seville believes in the healing power of yoga. She loves bringing the revitalizing and calming aspects of the practice into each class she teaches. But she also brings lightheartedness, a funky flow, and a couple swear words to each practice! She believes that yoga can be for everyone and every body. Seville loves how Yoga + Beer brings so many people together and she's excited to be a part of this community! 
She completed her 200 hour certification at Love Yoga Studio in Albany where she has been teaching. 

Seville loves all types and varieties of beers and ciders, but she's recently found a love for IPAs. She enjoys trying new beers, especially while trying new and exciting recipes. She can be found spending time with her two sons, wearing tie dye, singing, and riding her bike around. 
She lives her life by the mantra of "Peace, Love, Namaste, and Cheers!" 

 yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Jana Bedard, RYT, CPA

Portland Teacher

Leaving her roots in Oregon and relocating to Southern California for college, Jana started practicing yoga in 2006. She quickly realized that the peaceful and quiet internal state of heart and mind the practice brought to her could considerably enhance her everyday life. Her love of yoga has created the opportunity as a licensed accountant to bring intention and mindfulness to colleagues in California, London and Oregon. 

As an avid baker, reader, runner, traveler and yogini, she has learned from multiple disciplines of yoga that are intertwined into her offerings as a teacher. She obtained her 200 hour certification from YoYoYogi in Portland, where she now resides, and specializes in teaching all level classes with a balance of mindful strong breath, alignment-based vinyasa flow and inspiring messages. Her classes are heart-centered, inviting and open, offering smiles to remind us all that life can’t be taken too seriously. 

Jana is partial to APAs and IPAs, but also loves trying new types of beer. She believes that nothing goes better with an ice cold beer than an Oregon Ducks college football game (except for yoga, of course). Because of her primarily German heritage, she can't pass up a Schwarzbier! 

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Amy Brock, RYT, MAT

Vancouver Teacher

Amy is passionate about teaching and learning! For over ten years, she shared this passion as an inclusion teacher in public and private preschool and elementary school classrooms. Along the way, she introduced yoga to her students as a movement activity. Yoga quickly became a hit in Amy's classrooms, and has grown to become a larger part of her teaching practice. She currently shares her love for yoga through weekly restorative, yin, and vinyasa styled classes in the Vancouver, Washington community.

Amy received her 200 hour certification from Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. She recently completed additional training in conventional instruction at Yoga Bhoga in Portland, Oregon and in inclusive instruction through Yoga Journal.  Amy's philosophy for teaching is that yoga is for everybody and every body. She enjoys sharing yoga with students from all ages and stages of life. Amy's intention is to make yoga an accessible practice for all persons. Her classes are a fusion of mindful movement and intentional stillness wound into one experience. She strives to guide her student's practice to a place of deeper connection through lighthearted instruction that provides space for choice, flexibility, and personal expression along the way. 

As an Athens, Georgia native, Amy appreciates the craftsmanship and flavor that all local breweries bring to their communities. She has a particular fondness for sours, porters, stouts, and pumpkin flavored ales. In her free time, Amy enjoys exploring the Northwest with her husband and beagle-corgi fur child.

 yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Mika Timmons, RYT

Woodinville Teacher

Mika has been practicing yoga since 2008 and has been a teacher since 2015. She has a cheerful approach to teaching hatha and vinyasa styles of yoga. By guiding students to connect with their own bodies, hearts, and minds, she aims to create class experiences that wisely serves every student. Mika teaches yoga classes in hopes of helping others to find the fullest expressions of themselves, freedom, and fun. 

Her favorite beers are Belgian wits and saisons.  Her favorite poses are whatever she can test out in nature and corpse pose (savasana).
Mika is also an urban farmer, hiker, and hopeless lover of chocolate. She lives near Woodinville, WA and loves to spend time with her husband and cat. 

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Michelle Dickey, RYT

Vancouver Teacher

Michelle likes to make sure you leave class with a smile on your face, ready to drink a glass of beer with your friends (new and old!). She enjoys getting down to the nitty, gritty basics of poses so she focuses on proper alignment for YOUR body as each body is unique and she uses intelligent sequencing to engage your body and mind to challenge yourself in each pose. She likes to pair her flows with creative and funky music that you may not be used to hearing in "traditional" yoga classes. Using lots of engaging verbal cues (with a few added jokes throughout to make you remember to smile), she guarantees a safe environment for you to practice, sweat, and kick butt in!!

Michelle is a recent addict to the yoga lifestyle. She spent most of her life repeatedly trying to like this “yoga” thing her friends were talking about, but never really understood the draw. After a few years stint into the world of Crossfit, she tried her hand again with yoga. In her little studio apartment in South Korea, where she resided as an English Teacher from 2014­-2016, she bought a yoga mat and cultivated her own inner fire to stay warm during the harsh Korean winters. Michelle obtained her 200 RYT from Power of Now Oasis in Bali, Indonesia and has travelled around Southeast Asia teaching and practicing as much yoga as possible. She is currently working towards her 500 hour with the Yoga Medicine program, focused on anatomy and bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western yogic lifestyles. 


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Jaime Lawrence, RYT

Salem Teacher

Jaime has come full circle with her love of yoga (and beer). She discovered her love of yoga through none other than a Salem yoga + beer class only a few years ago! She loves the sense of discovery that yoga has inspired in herself and others - creating a space to explore new ideas, challenge body and mind, as well as celebrate the little things in life. She likes to stick to the fundamentals with her practice but likes to always weave a fun and feel-good vibe into it. She believes that yoga is for everyone and is excited to be apart of a team and atmosphere that encourages community and trying new things! 

Jaime completed her 200 hour certification with Three Sisters Yoga in Portland. She is looking forward to completing her 500 hour in the next year and is always looking to expand her yoga knowledge. Over the summer she added Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga to her resume and loved every minute of it. For Jaime, yoga has been the most unexpected and wonderful journey and she is very excited to start this new chapter.

Jaime is a lover of all types of beer. She is always on the hunt for her next favourite sour variety, and is slowly embracing the world of IPAs. When she’s not enjoying a brew or on her mat, you can find her soaking up a good book, drinking all the coffee, stand up paddleboarding, going to concerts, and sharing laughter with family and friends.  


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Amanda Malarkey, RYT

St. Helens Teacher

Amanda teaches with love and passion.  Often referred to as inspirational, she holds a special place for each individual who takes her class.  Her classes feel safe; she challenges not only the body, but the mind as well.  She helps bring out the strength in individuals, feeling empowered and confident, no matter where they are in their practice.  A brand new yogi or a well seasoned yogi.  

Yoga and wellness is Amanda’s passion.  A practitioner since 2008, the kind of passion where she stood on the beach and offered free sunrise yoga in Ventura California.  From there taking classes and workshops in Australia and New York, all over the country actually.  She started a teacher training program in Santa Barbara California focusing on Ayurveda, and Prenatal Yoga.  Amanda completed her 200 HR RYT Yoga training at YoYoYogi Spring of 2017.  She opened up the Lyv Well Studio Fall of 2017 where she teaches yoga classes and wellness workshops.

Amanda can’t resist a local crafted IPA.  A love for beer tasting came about in 2010 when she discovered a local brewery down in Carpinteria California.  After a fun surf session with friends she would walk across the beach, across the railroad tracks and enjoy a nice cold one out on the patio with good friends, at that point, it is always an IPA she looks for.

A mother of 2 young baby girls, ages 5 and 3.  She enjoys dancing every day with her daughters, exploring the outdoors from mountain to sea, cooking, reading and traveling to new places near or far.


Connect with Cait

Cait Gill, RYT

Corvallis Teacher

Cait’s love for yoga extends back a decade and bringing beer into the mix started almost 3 years ago at Block 15 Brewery in Corvallis when she taught her first Yoga and Beer class. A natural compliment to each other, Cait found that bringing people together for yoga and a beer was a perfect way to start teaching after completing her 200RYT at LiveWell Studio in 2016. 

Drawn to yoga to compliment her active lifestyle, Cait has found yoga to be the ideal foundation for not only improving athletic performance but finding inner peace. Her teaching style stems from 14 years of dancing and her personal practice in Ashtanga Yoga. Strong and fluid with a focus on breath and alignment. Cait’s aims to challenge all levels of students to find their inner strength through movement, laughter and sharing a delicious post class pint. 

When she is not teaching yoga you can find Cait chasing her 3 and 5 year old daughters around the Willamette Valley, running marathons, and mountain biking with her husband. Cait has enjoyed the opportunity to bring yoga into her corporate life as well. As a software consultant and MBA student, she has had the opportunity to teach at a few software conferences as well as share her love for yoga with fellow MBA students. Cait loves seeing the "busy bees" of corporate america reap the benefits of a yoga practice and hopes to continue to spread the yoga beer love to many more students and executives in the valley. 

 yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Brian Trowbridge

Assistant, Photo Creeper, Merch Manager, & All-Around Nice Guy 

Yoga + Beer was actually this guy's idea. We'll give him credit. He also deserves photo credit for pretty much every Yoga + Beer photo ever taken. Brian is the ultimate Yoga + Beer assistant, making sure that everyone has what they need to enjoy their practice. 

 yOGA + bEER. YOGA CLASSES IN OREGON and washington BREWERIES. ALL LEVELS YOGA CLASSES IN SALEM, PORTLAND, ALBANY, SILVERTON, newport, tualatin, woodinville and vancouver. 

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Clare Chedester

Yoga + Beertender

Bartender at Taproot Lounge & Cafe as her primary gig, Clare also brings her good vibes to Yoga + Beer. You can find Clare assisting our Yoga + Beer retreats, working behind the scenes to make sure our pint glasses stay full, and helping out at classes.