Yoga + Beer | A Million Reasons Why We Love It

The first time you heard the words, "Yoga and beer" what ran through your mind? I had my own first reaction too and I'm glad I chose to come and experience it! Our name is short and sweet because if we lengthened it to everything these classes encompass it would be too long. Far too long. It would take you 5 minutes to tell someone where you were going for the evening!

So Yoga + Beer...and its wonderful community has come from all walks of life. Same with the Yoga + Beer Instructors! So here is a little about each of us and why we love these classes so very much.

Mikki Trowbridge

Mikki Trowbridge

My name is Mikki Trowbridge and I am the founder of all things Yoga + Beer. I am a full-time yoga teacher and in addition to teaching at breweries around the state with Yoga + Beer and across the country with The Beer Yogis (, I also teach at Indigo Wellness Center and for patients at the Oregon State Hospital. 

When I'm not practicing or teaching yoga, I also love to swim, read books, hike, get outside in Oregon, SUP, travel, play piano, and spend time with my husband and my Shiba Inu. 

Yoga + Beer has been a large piece of my life for almost 4 years now. What started as a fun, one time class idea, has turned into a community of people who enjoy doing things that make them feel good - practicing yoga, sharing beer with friends, and building community. I continue to teach these classes because of the joy I know Yoga + Beer brings to people's lives and the incredible people I get to become friends with along the way. I especially love that Yoga + Beer provides a place for people to experience yoga in a fun, light-hearted, welcoming environment. I love introducing people to the practice of yoga and seeing the impact this practice can have on their well-being and their life. 

This community adds so much to my life - after four years I still get extremely excited to show up for each of our classes. Cheers to yoga, to beer and to connection. 

Seville teaching at Deluxe Brewing in Albany, OR

Seville teaching at Deluxe Brewing in Albany, OR

I'm Seville! And I love yoga (obviously!), avocado, random dance parties, drinking beer, laughing, and cooking! I'm always on the hunt for a new beer to fall madly in love with for the moment. I love learning new things and being vocal about the things I'm passionate about. I love having meaningful conversations and making people smile. 

I love taking time for Yoga + Beer because it truly is a marriage of all the things I love (to borrow Mikki's phrase). When I'm teaching or attending a class, I get to yoga, drink beer, laugh, have meaningful conversations, make people smile, and so many more things! My (pint) glass is truly full after each Yoga + Beer class. 

Jana and Mikki twinning (on accident!) at Ecliptic Brewing.

Jana and Mikki twinning (on accident!) at Ecliptic Brewing.

Hi, i'm Jana! I spent most of my formative years in Eugene, moved to Southern California for college and spent about 11 years soaking up the sun, with a 2 year hiatus for work in London, before returning to Oregon in the fall of 2015. Portland is now where I call home and I absolutely love it! I grew up an avid Oregon Ducks fan growing up in Eugene and being at Autzen Stadium with my family is my favorite thing to do in the world.

Yoga was introduced into my life when I first started working full time out of college and I have wanted to share the peace that it brings to my life with others for many years. I feel so honored to be able to do that now and love the community that Yoga + Beer offers. Mondays are my new favorite days, since that is when the Portland Y+B action happens!

Outside of work and yoga, I love to bake, cook, travel, experiment, be outside in nature and watch Oregon Ducks football. There aren't enough hours in the day to do all of the things that I would like to, but yoga helps me to slow down and try to appreciate every moment. Cheers and namaste!

Chantal teaching at Seven Brides

Chantal teaching at Seven Brides

And then after all that, there is me :) Hi! I'm Chantal Barton. If I'm not trying to find an excuse to go outside instead of working, something is wrong. I rock climb, I eat cookie dough, I love dancing to loud music while I clean the kitchen and I LOVE teaching yoga. As soon as I discovered that, I quit my grown-up job and became a full time yoga teacher. I am additionally certified to teach kids yoga and I love the variety and experiences that comes into all my classes. Which brings me to why I can't get enough of the Yoga + Beer classes.

A community has formed so strongly around our schedule and If I'm not teaching Yoga + Beer, I am usually attending one of the other classes because I love participating with everyone just as much. Yes, I usually sip on a beer too! In joining this team I have met some incredible people who come from all walks of life to relax and maybe try something new! Wonderful humans who want to enjoy a drink, be active and make new connections. I can't even begin to tell you all the stories of random paths that have crossed and friendships that were made. Its beautiful and the community is why I love it for myself and for all those who have joined in. <3

Yoga is an internal practice of slowing down to coordinate/unite the mind and body. It's a place to breathe and relax. It's a place to laugh and find balance. Sometimes it can look intimidating so we strive to make it accessible to all. We take the pressure off with our yoga studio(s) filled with the hum of brewery sounds. Maybe there is water by your mat, maybe there is a beer :) All things in moderation! But the best the chatter before and after class. On the mat or in the taproom. Our beautiful community meeting and sharing experiences in life because we have one little thing in common. So many people get to try yoga for the first time in these classes and then afterwards, we have two things in common. Yoga + Beer. Come and join us friends!

Cheers and Namaste,

Mikki, Jana, Seville and Chantal



Feel Better Flow

Sometimes our intestines can do a number on us. Or rather they get upset when we eat/drink whatever we want ;) Even if you’re feeling great, adding some spinal twists into your day isn’t a bad idea. To put it simply, twisty/stretchy yoga poses can help massage your internal organs. If something is cramped up, this just might bring you some relief!

I’ve put together a few yoga poses to help you find full mobility again. A flow that enlivens and uplifts your day by wringing out the bubbles and the tightness.


Start Slow – Spinal Twist

Lay on your back and hug your knees into your chest. Then drop your knees over to one side. (Repeat on both sides)

When you feel that tight spot, don’t push it. Try to get your body to relax and just breath to get any initial crampy areas to release. Maybe its your foot that is tense, maybe its your six-pack abs. ;) Just let your body get heavier and breathe.


puppy dog pose yoga

Stretch it Out – Puppy Dog Pose

From table top (on your hands and knees) walk your hands forward and slowly lower your chest towards the ground. You can choose to land your chin or your forehead on the mat. Take the biggest slowest breaths you possibly can and just pause in this pose for at least a minute.


You can feel free to do whatever you’d like in between these poses! A little cat/cow…down dog…a vinyasa, you name it!


yoga lunge twist

Building the Fire – Lunge Twist

Step left foot back and drop your knee down to the ground (or blanket). Keep the steady breath going as you clasp your hands together behind your head. Lift your chest and the crown of your head upwards, then twist towards the right. Keep breathing in and lifting up. As you exhale, twist a little deeper. (Notice that my knee does not go past the ankle.)

low lunge stretch yoga

Loosening Up - Lunge Stretch

Staying in low lunge (option to lift the back knee up). With your right foot forward, bring your right hand down to the ground, a block or even a book works! We're just working at a gentle stretch in the left side to loosen things up a little more before some final twists. Repeat on both sides and try to prevent the hips from sinking down too much. 

table top twist yoga

Initiate Cooldown – Table Top Twist

Start from hands and knees. Press the left hand down and reach the right arm up. Pause for two breaths. Repeat on both sides as many times as you'd like <3







Total Relaxation – Childs Pose

Have your hands out front and add a side stretch in by walking your hands over to the left and pausing for a bit. Then walk your hands to the right! Feel free to skip this pose if your body does not love it. Your knees and hips should not be uncomfortable. :)

Hopefully your body is feeling a little better at this point and you've got a little more pep to your step! Stay tuned for an upcoming video on a twist yoga flow.

Cheers friends and enjoy your weekend!

-Chantal Barton - Beer Yogi + Instructor

All Levels Yoga | Lunge Twist

Lunge Twist. We include this pose in a lot of our Yoga + Beer classes. Sometimes it feels good to have this pose be strong and active, but sometimes you just want to relax a bit more.

Here are 5 options for this pose that you can take anytime this pose is suggested in class.

1. Come into lunge with your back knee down, and your hand (same hand as front leg) pressing into the front thigh to spin your heart open. Other hand is on the ground (or your pint glass).

2. Same as Option 1, but a little deeper twist. Opposite elbow outside your front leg, create a fist with that hand and press into the fist with your other hand to help find the revolving action in your upper back.

3. Back knee off the ground, lean forward 45 degrees with hands at heart and start to rotate at the waist, bringing opposite elbow toward front leg. Stay here without trying to latch the elbow. 

4. Start with Option 3, and then just open your arms. 

5. The classic pose. Hands in prayer, opposite elbow outside front thigh, with back knee off the ground and back leg very active.

Happy practicing!

All levels yoga modifications. Yoga and Beer. Oregon yoga.&nbsp;

Down Dog Options

So you're in class...and your wrists are getting uncomfortable. But you want to do more than sit and enjoy a drink. (Although that is fine too!)

In our last blog post, we gave you some alternatives to Down Dog. But if the pose feels relatively comfortable except for your wrists, here are some options to modify just the hands and arms. Give them all a try and see which works best for your unique anatomy. 

Down dog modifications. All levels yoga. Yoga + Beer. Yoga classes in Oregon breweries in Salem, Albany. Silverton, Portland and Newport.&nbsp;

1. (top) Roll your mat up and place the heel of the hand on cushioned area, fingers on the ground. Press down through the front of the hand to help avoid wrist pressure.

▫ 2. (left) Make fists with your hands and press fists into mat, strengthening the wrists. Effective but it can be a little strange for down dog - so it will take some getting used to! 

▫3. (right) Drop down to forearms, spread the fingers wide and practice pressing down into the front of the hand where fingers meet the palm.

Hoppy practicing! 

All Levels Yoga | Down Dog

So you're in class. And you're in Downward Facing Dog. Again. And your wrists are like ... nope. And your shoulders and arms are unhappy with you. And you know what? That's okay. 

While Downward Facing Dog is considered one of our "classic" and common yoga postures - it is hard. And it takes practice to build up the strength and endurance necessary to hold this posture comfortably. 

If you've attended a Yoga + Beer class, then you'll know that we like lots of options at Yoga + Beer. And we fully support not forcing things that don't feel good. This pose is harder than we give it credit for sometimes, and sometimes you need alternatives. Don't beat yourself up, just choose one of these options which will help you continue to build strength for Downward Facing Dog. 

1. Check in with your Dog
Before you hate on Down Dog, assess where your weight is. Can you pull more weight back into your feet and out of your hands? Are your fingers and palms doing their fair share - or are your wrists doing all of the work? What if you bend your knees a little bit, does that make it more comfortable? 


2. Dolphin
Drop down onto your forearms for dolphin pose. It's hard in its own right, but gets you off your wrists. Keep elbows in line with shoulders. And if this pose is really intense in your low back or hamstrings you can take your feet wider on the mat, and maybe even bend your knees. 


3. Table
Drop down onto your knees for table. Wrists under shoulders. Knees under hips. Long, flat back. You can work the strength of yours arms, the length of your spine and the support of your core in this shape - all of which are necessary for Down Dog. It's basically a less intense version of dog down. 


4. Child's Pose
And finally there's a Child Pose, but in an active form. You can just relax here if you are feeling like you need to chill out. But if you want to keep working endurance for Down Dog ... instead of just laying in the shape, press down into the palms and get your arms active enough that your forearms and elbows lift off the ground. You can work your down dog arms in this shape, but with less intensity.


Happy Practicing!